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My  series "Tessellations" is now being featured. Presently, I am intrigued with the problem-solving aspect when using space based on a grid pattern of squares and triangles. Some Tessellations are more surface oriented, while others deconstruct to give more movement, push/pull, and depth of field.

I am working with the influence of transparent colors over each other and the relationship of colors and their varying intensities. Some of the themes that I am exploring are: integration, interrelationships, order-chaos-reorder, and when an orderly configuration is interrupted by an event, how the elements in the space reconfigure.

My past series: Deep Shade Gardens, Aerial Landscapes, and several one-of-a-kind paintings (large and small) are on display in my Studio in Deerhaven, 10800 South 60th St., Lincoln, NE, 68516. 

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