After receiving a BFA from the University of Nebraska in 1972 and working in academia and corporate/marketing, I chose to become a full-time studio artist in 1982. I am primarily a painter. Over the years I have explored many different ways of expressing myself from the highly realistic ( the 'Deep Shade Gardens' series) landscapes and still life studies as well as the series of aerial landscapes.

Often times after a realistic series, I would explore the abstract side of color, texture and movement. Whether the subject matter is realistic, expressionistic or abstract I start with some kind of metaphor that I work out through the composition and the media. I am a symbolic artist and like most artists, schooling aside, I am largely self-taught through experience and experimentation.

I had a studio in the Burkholder Project in Lincoln, NE (google for more info) for 23 years and I am still associated with the Burkholder Project as an associate artist.  My resume could paper a large bathroom and the listing of shows, galleries and museums, teaching and speaking gigs are really extensive, and and available upon request. When you have been a working artist since 1982, you find those folks who are really interested will find you and ask you questions that are of interest to them.

Please visit this site to view 62 more examples of my work by copying and pasting this link: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/susan-brasch.html

My newest program is the Joint-Venture Art Project.  For more information about this process and outcome please read more about it on the next page and feel free to contact me.  I would be happy to send you the process and show you examples of
successful projects.

Thank you!